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Installation and Restoration by Milo's Hardwood Floors


The Timeless Classic Beauty of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors add value and a timeless, classic elegance to any home. We are installation specialists of custom hardwood floors in both prefinished and unfinished woods. We also offer our own line of wood flooring finishes for that great finished look. We know that your home's hardwood floor is an investment. It is important to select the right team to handle the installation. At Milos, we don't cut corners, we provide top quality installation and use the best materials available in the industry.
Sofa with matching slippers - Refinishing services in Raleigh, NC

Complete Hardwood Floor Restoration

Bring back the beauty of your existing hardwood floors with our restorative services. Hardwood floors need to be carefully restored, sanded and refinished every three to five years to maintain their beauty and shine. We will restore your floors' original polish and luster quickly and professionally. The depth of the sanding process depends on the damage and scratches to your floors' surfaces. In some cases only polishing is necessary, or your floor may only require light sanding on the top and a fresh coat of varnish. Over years of using your floor can sustain moderate damage. These cases require sanding to the bare wood and complete refinishing. No matter the scope of the refinishing, you can be sure to receive a complete restoration service that will bring back the beauty, luster and timeless elegance of your existing hardwood floors.
Sand&Finish Before - Refinishing services in Raleigh, NC
Sand&Finish After - Refinishing services in Raleigh, NC

Hardwood Flooring Experts

We are Raleigh's hardwood flooring experts. We have the experience needed in the custom installation of hardwood floors. We can also restore the original polished look to an older hardwood floor. If you are in need of hardwood flooring services for your home's interior spaces, call Milo's Hardwood Floors in Raleigh, NC at 984-200-1264